Irish American news - best new irish band 2016


"With a fiery reputation for humdinger live performances, Cúig do a fine trade in taking no prisoners and redefining the contours of the tradition. Every genre needs its young turks, and Cúig look like they may be ready to take up that mantle." - The Irish Times

"As all-instrumental albums go, this is a tasty addition to the catalogue, a genial powerhouse of a disc whose well-upholstered music-making is never in danger of becoming sterile or an easy-won slave to virtuosity." - David Kidman, Living Tradition

“Newry based teenage quintet playing traditional music with unexpected melodic twists. Such a powerful grasp of group dynamics and musical finesse defies their youth, and borders on the prodigious. Good instrumental interplay and an imaginative touch in their arrangements allows for plenty of creativity.” – John O’Regan, fRoots

"The melody instruments are floating over grooving guitar, bass and drums. At times the road branches, and the one taken is the one least expected" - FolkWorld

"A Stunning first effort (the EP)... a unique sound" - Jack Baker, Irish American News

"This eclectic music from South East Ulster is a welcome treat" - Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld Magazine


"Irish music is in safe hands with this new & exciting band. Young musicians that are at the cutting edge of the music. Great arrangements, great playing , and great lads" - Gino Lupari (Four Men and a Dog)

"Cuig are a great new traditional Irish music band, made up of five phenomenal young musicians. Their playing has a maturity that goes way beyond their years. A classic mix of banjo, box, pipes/fiddle, guitar and drum kit these musicians have already created a distinctive and exciting sound together. With fantastic stage presence, arrangements and musicality this band has a great and bright future ahead which I, for one, am looking forward immensely to following." - John Joe Kelly (Flook)

"New trad band Cúig, will, quite frankly, knock your socks off! They have a fresh, unique and vibrant sound that most bands take years      to establish, and their individual and collective musicianship belies their years. Talent hanging out of them! A truly brilliant trad band."        - Niamh Dunne (Beoga)